In an ecologically damaged future the Emigration department exists to prevent timetravelers fleeing to the past. Art by Adrian Bamforth, an annotated version is also available on his site.

Talent Show
In a world where anyone above or below average is "corrected" or detained, Kayt Cooke dreams of stardom. Art by Mike Donaldson

Hail To The King
The astonishing true story of Elvis Presley, 37th president of the United States. A 2 page strip originally written for Mustard, drawn by Mike Donaldson.

'Disarmament Now!'
A Russian biological weapons designers plan to drink himself to death is interrupted when his past catches up with him. A web exclusive FutureQuake tale with art by Jacob Turner.

The Other Side
The worlds first giant intelligent chicken is run down in a car accident. When asked why he was crossing the road he croaks "To get to the other side" and dies. Originally appearing in Mustard, art by Mike Donaldson.

Down The Tubes
Mind the doors! Art by Adrian Bamforth.

The Hunter
Will the greatest hunter in time and space meet his match? Art by Michael Molcher.

Outer Space
Storming the cosmos, one wheel at a time... Art by Adrian Bamforth.

Extinction Level Event
An accident on the International Space Station reveals a long forgotten menace... Art by Tim Twelves.

Tales From The Mortuary

Fearsome tales of crime and depravity and featuring chainsaws, meatgrinders, mad old ladies with axes, mad old ladies with dogs and men who dress up as mad old ladies, all drawn by the excellent Chris Askham. Check out for details of how to get a print copy.

The Bodyshifters
The Mothers
House Of Cavity Horror
Underdog Tracks


HP Lovecrafts World Of Cosmic Terror
The strange adventures of the prophet of the uncanny, from the pages of Gary Wilkinsons B + B. Art by Michael Molcher.

Zoe Biddle - Wheelchair Balerina
A spoof "girls comic" from Solar Wind, Zoe Biddle was crippled at birth in a bizarre pony accident but e has struggled against her difficulties to becomea top ballerina. Art by P J Holden.

Older Works...
Stories from the archive.